Data Use PD

The Data Use Professional Development series was a program created as part of Rhode Island's Race To The Top initiative. It provided Rhode Island educators with the knowledge, tools, and structures to effectively use data to inform instruction.

In small cohorts of no more than 25 educators, teams from each school and district representatives joined together in a year-long, tiered professional development series designed to teach educators how to collaboratively analyze relevant student data to inform educational decisions and increase student achievement outcomes.

The materials below are still relevant and useful to districts and schools as a framework for analyzing student data. If you have questions on using these resources, please reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many data sources available publicly on RIDE’s Rhode Island Education Data website. Click here to view different data sources, including:

Additionally, visit the Information & Accountability main page to learn more about other user-friendly data sources in Rhode Island.

Every building principal will be a member of the School Data Leadership Team (SDLT).  Principals should be joined by three building educators to form a team of four.  At least one of the three building educators should have a flexible schedule and therefore RIDE recommends that one member of the team not be a classroom teacher.  Educators who are passionate about collaboration and school improvement are great candidates for the School Data Leadership Team. Guidance is provided to districts and principals on putting together an effective SDLT.  See the Resources tab.