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Request for Proposals released for Advancing Learning Beyond the 180-Day School Year 

RIDE has released a Request for Proposals for grants to foster new or expanded initiatives to promote learning beyond the formal school day and beyond the traditional 180-day school year. The Advancing Learning Beyond the 180-Day School Year grant program is in support of Governor Daniel J. McKee’s Learn365RI initiative, with the long-term goals of improving student learning outcomes and increasing three key metrics:

  1. Rhode Island Comprehensive Assessment System (RICAS) mathematics and English Language Arts scores
  2. School attendance rates
  3. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion rates.

Approximately $3.8 million in total is available for grants running from July 2024 through June 2026. Grants can begin as early as July 1, 2024 and run as late as June 30, 2026.  Activities can take place during any time period within those dates.  This funding is provided through the federal State Fiscal Recovery Fund. Funding will be awarded by RIDE to municipalities. Partnerships between municipalities and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and/or Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are strongly encouraged to ensure the effectiveness of proposed plans.

Two levels of funding will be awarded to municipalities:

  • Standard Grants of $40,000 will be awarded to municipalities for applications that demonstrate effective plans and use of funds at a baseline level of service. All proposals who meet a minimum quality standard will receive funding. 
  • Expanded Grants of up to $400,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis to some municipalities. Applications who can demonstrate comprehensive plans and use of funds, that provide more intensive services to students and families, and/or that demonstrate a higher level of impact on the key learning metrics should consider an Expanded Grant. This is a competitive grant pool and not every application will be funded at the expanded level. 

The application deadline is Friday, May 3rd at 4:00 p.m.


Request for Proposals and Required Application Forms

All proposals must include the following forms:

Depending on whether applicants are applying for Standard and/or Expanded grants, the following additional forms should be included:

The following is provided for applicants' reference, in developing their budgets. 

The Rhode Island Afterschool Network (RIAN) put together a list of community organizations who are interested in partnering with municipalities on the Learn365RI grant. This document provides contact information, along with information about their services and capacity. This is provided for informational purposes only. The following organizations have not been vetted or endorsed by the Rhode Island Afterschool Network, the Rhode Island Department of Education, or Governor McKee's office.

Slides from the April 3rd Bidder's Conference are below:


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