Middle Level Education

The Middle School Student:

Make a Plan

  • From sixth grade to twelfth grade, every student should have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). An ILP is a roadmap for a student's school experience, based on interests, needs, learning goals, and graduation requirements. Find out more about the ILP from your school counselor and /or teacher.

Explore Possible Careers

  • Career exploration students chance to check out jobs and careers that they might want to do when they get older. As part of their ILP program, students will explore a variety of careers based on their interests. Ask your teacher or counselor about the career exploration options available to your school.

Take Classes Outside of Your School

  • Middle school students, can sign up to take free courses at other schools, local non-profits, and other organizations through the All Course Network. Go to https://enrollri.org to sig up.

Middle Level Education Organizations

Additional Resources