Instruction and Assessment

Instruction and Assessment

World-Class Standards

We must ensure that all students have access to a rigorous curriculum aligned with standards so that all students receive a world-class education. Using our assessment system, we hold students, teachers, and school leaders accountable for improving student performance.



Rhode Island's teacher-to-student ratio.

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Report posted, comprehensive study of a unified approach to statewide education

In 2016, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed H8308, An Act Relating to Education – The Rhode Island Board of Education Act, introduced by Representative Gregg Amore. This act, codified as R.I. Gen Laws § 16-97-9, required a comprehensive study of a unified approach to statewide education.

The Rhode Island Department of Education has responded to the legislation with the Unified Approach to Statewide Education Report.

2018-19 Division of Teaching and Learning Honors Colloquium on Curriculum Implementation

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, RIDE held the first session of the 2018-19 RIDE Honors Colloquium, supporting curriculum implementation featuring Emily Freitag, Co-Founder and CEO of Instruction Partners as the guest speaker.

Emily Freitag spoke on "What are the successful elements to the implementation of a High-Quality curriculum."

Watch the video of Emily Freitag's presentation.

2017-18 Division of Teaching and Learning Honors Colloquium on Curriculum

On Monday, October 23, 2017, RIDE held the first session of the RIDE Honors Colloquium featuring Dr. David Steiner, Director of Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy as the guest speaker.

Dr. Steiner spoke on "What is the compelling research; Focus and Coherence; Equity; Promising Practices and Debunking Myths?"

On Thursday, January 18, 2018, RIDE held the second session of the RIDE Honors Colloquium featuring Eric Hirsch and Lauren Weisskirk of EdReports during which they shared research on the importance of adopting high-quality instructional materials in districts and schools.  Ed Reports is a nonprofit that conducts evidence-based reviews of instructional materials.

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, RIDE held the third session of the RIDE Honors Colloquium which featured David Liben, a Senior Content Specialist at Student Achievement Partners.  Mr. Liben discussed the elements of language arts curriculum necessary to develop independent and proficient readers, including foundational literacy practices, reading comprehension, and volume of reading.   In addition,  five high-quality curriculum were reviewed and discussed including: EL Education K-8, Great Minds Wit and Wisdom K-8, American Reading Company K-12, Core Knowledge Language Arts K-5 and Bookworms K-5.

On Friday, June 8, 2018, RIDE held the final Honors Colloquium of the year.  Kate Gerson, Chief Executive Officer of UnboundEd, discussed the role of high-quality instructional materials in addressing equity and racism.  Prior to her work at UnboundEd, Ms. Gerson was the senior fellow for educator engagement at the Regents Research Fund, where she oversaw the design and development.

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