Board of Education

Board of Education

Policy Making and Planning

The 17-member Rhode Island Board of Education was created by the Rhode Island General Assembly in 2014 and replaced the Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education and the Board of Governors for Higher Education. This consolidated governance of all public education in Rhode Island is an innovative integration of policymaking and planning for elementary, secondary and higher public education in our state.



The number of locally governed school districts in RI's public primary and secondary education system.

Did You Know...

The Rhode Island public elementary and secondary education system:

  • provides education to approximately 143,000 students each year
  • has a cumulative annual budget of $ 2.2 billion
  • employs approximately 21,000 teachers, administrators, and staff

The Rhode Island higher education system (URI, RIC and CCRI):

  • provides instruction to approximately 43,000 undergraduate and graduate students each year
  • employs approximately 4,500 faculty and support staff
  • has a combined operating budget of approximately $1 billion per year

Additional Information

Meet the Board of Education

Seventeen volunteer citizens answered the call of our RI Governor to review, revise, and establish programs; structures and policies that will prepare all Rhode Island students for college, careers, and life.

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The Board of Education strives for transparency in all it does and values feedback from the Rhode Island community.