Instructional Initiatives & Resources

Instructional initiatives and resources are available for educators to aid in the delivery of a sound, high-quality education to every student to improve achievement for all students.

Investments are being made in building the capacity of individuals, institutions, and education communities to develop the knowledge, skills, and resources for effecting sustainable improvement.

Initiatives & Resources

  • Professional development opportunities that build educator effectiveness (e.g., Data Use Professional Development, Formative Assessment Online PD Modules);
  • Support for all LEAs and adult education programs through the development of a system of academic, social, and emotional supports for student health and well-being (e.g., WIDA ELD Standards, Response to Intervention (RTI), Title I Personalization);
  • A virtual learning network that includes coursework, training, and college e-learning, including a statewide virtual high school (Technology Literacy);
  • Aid to families in determining the textbooks available to their students (Textbook Search); and
  • Reference tools for determining placement for students newly enrolling from other countries (Foreign Transcript Review Guide).

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