We use assessments to keep families informed about the progress their children are making in school, to help teachers make decisions about instructional practices. We also use assessment results to measure school performance and educator effectiveness, and to track the progress we are making toward meeting the goals in our strategic plan for transforming education in Rhode Island.

Child Assessment

When it comes to assessment of student learning, the why should precede the how. The vast majority of assessments are used for one of three general purposes: to inform and improve instruction, to screen/identify (for interventions), and to measure outcomes (as part of an accountability system, for school improvement planning, or for evaluation). 

For more information on the purposes of assessment, please see the RI Criteria and Guidance for a Comprehensive Assessment System document found on the Comprehensive Assessment System page.

RIDE, in partnership with local educators, has a multi-pronged strategy for enhancing existing assessment infrastructure, increasing assessment literacy, and assisting with the development of comprehensive assessment systems across the state.