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Weekly Memos

RIDE utilizes an email distribution service through which we share memos containing updates on education news, announcements, events, awards, grants, policy updates, resources, and state and local opportunities to get involved in the Rhode Island education community.

Friends of Education Memo

Anyone is welcome to join our Friends of Education Listserv. These weekly memos include information from our Friday Field Memo - such as news, announcements, events, resources, and opportunities for your own involvement in supporting Rhode Island education at the state and local level - conveniently delivered to your inbox. Please join, share, and get involved!

If you need to review the guideline documentation, you may Download Field Guidelines for Outside Organizations [PDF, 243 KB] before you complete the form.

If you are not already on our list and would like to be, we want to hear from you!

Please email:


Are you a non-profit, community partner, or educational organization or association or government agency and have something that you want to share with students, teachers, or administrators? Read on to see if we can send it through our memo!


  • Education-focused event for students, teachers, administrators, schools, districts; if a conference: low cost, scholarships available, or else free to attend
  • Professional learning opportunity for teachers, administrators (advertising for commercial services or products will not be accepted)
  • Education-focused contest or competition for students, teachers, administrators, schools, districts
  • Grant or fellowship for districts, schools, teachers, students
  • Scholarship for students
  • Local internship opportunity or credentialing for Rhode Island students.


  • Please visit the 'Send a Field Memo' tab above for more information
  • Deadline is 5:00 p.m. Thursdays for that week's field memo. Late items may be included in the following week's field memo.
  • Items must include the following:
    • Short title
    • 4-5 sentence description that is written in the third person (i.e., no "we" or "us")
    • Key date(s) (e.g., deadlines, event date)
    • Link(s) to additional information (embedded in the description or stand-alone).

      NOTE: Links cannot be "short" (e.g.,, or "tracking" (e.g., sent through an email distribution service) as our system will mark them as spam and not allow them to be sent.
  • Attachments and images are not accepted as either the means of information submission or as part of the item.
  • We build the memos fresh each week, so for each instance of inclusion, please email your items separately

    NOTE: As a result of feedback from our readers, we cannot run items indefinitely. Items are limited to sequences of two field memos (weeks) in a row, and then no inclusion the third field memo (week).
  • We may lightly edit your item for formatting, length, or layout purposes.

RIDE provides this opportunity as a courtesy and reserves the right to not include any item submitted if the item does not meet the criteria above or is otherwise not representative of the Department's policies.

Our Commitment to You

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