Comprehensive Assessment System (CAS)

Student studying

A comprehensive assessment system is a coordinated plan for monitoring the academic achievement of students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Goal of the System

The goal of the comprehensive assessment system is to:

  • increase student learning by producing actionable data,
  • evaluate the effectiveness of programs, and
  • ensure that all students are making progress toward achieving learning goals.

More Information

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CAS Guidance & Resources

The RI Criteria and Guidance for a Comprehensive Assessment System document can be viewed and downloaded below. The tools are intended for use in partnership with this document and as part of a collaborative process guided by the district or LEA.  Please note that the 'Criteria and Guidance' PDF and Appendices C-G contain the Sources section from the Full Document for referencing footnotes.

  • Full Document – Full document, including PDF versions of tools and the appendices.

Document Sections:

Additional Resources

  • Professional Development Online Modules on the Formative Assessment Process – Project Overview Flyer [PDF, 135KB]
  • CASe Study:  Coventry, January 2012
    In an effort to highlight successes and encourage learning from each other, RIDE has developed a CASe Study to show how one district has approached this work.  In the accompanying presentation to the Coventry School Committee in January 2012, Assistant Superintendent Jim Erinakes and Professional Development Coordinator Amy Anzalone describe the process of developing their elementary assessment system and many of its key features.

Monthly webinar hosted by the Office of Instruction, Assessment & Curriculum on creating a Comprehensive Assessment System and other topics related to assessment.

ALL Webinars have been recorded and posted to this site for future reference and use within your schools/districts. Click the date to download / view the recorded webinar through Windows Media Player.

October 12, 2011:
Webinar #3 Recording [WMV, 35.1MB]
Webinar #3 PowerPoint [PPT, 1MB] 
Topic: CAS & Student Learning Objectives
Duration: approx. 48 minutes.
December 14, 2011:
Webinar #6 Recording [WMV, 21.9MB]
Webinar #6 PowerPoint [PPT, 683KB]
Topic: Validity & Reliability
Duration: approx. 37 minutes.
January 11, 2012:
Webinar #7 Recording [WMV, 32MB]
Webinar #7 PowerPoint [PPT, 1.2MB]
Topic: Cultural & Linguistic Demands of Assessments
Duration: approx. 36 minutes.
March 14, 2012:
Webinar #9 Recording [WMV, 34.6MB]
Webinar #9 PowerPoint [PPT, 2.6MB]
Topic: What is Response to Intervention?
Duration: approx. 40 minutes.
May 9, 2012:
Webinar #11 Recording [WMV, 82.5MB]
Webinar #11 PowerPoint [PPT, 687KB]
RIGM Training Worksheet [PDF, 354KB]
Topic: The Rhode Island Growth Model
Duration: approx. 47 minutes.
June 13, 2012:
Webinar #12 Recording – Part 1 [WMV, 5.5MB]
Webinar #12 Recording – Part 2 [WMV, 322.5MB]
Webinar #12 PowerPoint [PPT, 1.9MB] 
Topic: Assessment in Early Childhood
Duration: Part 1: 8 minutes; Part 2: 30 minutes.
NOTE: Due to a technical glitch, this webinar is posted in two parts.