Full-Service Community Schools and COZs

Rhode Island’s Child Opportunity Zones (COZs) are a full service community school model of school-linked family centers that bring schools, families and communities together to promote success in school for all children and youth.

COZs are welcoming places in or near schools where families can access education, health and social service programs, supports and referrals to address barriers to student achievement at the highest levels. Each COZ bases its coordinated system of services, programs and supports on the individual needs and resources of its schools, families and community.

The following list provides examples of the kinds of services, programs and supports are offered by COZs:

  • Before and after school programs
  • Early childhood programs
  • Adult education, including GED, ESL, basic literacy, etc.
  • Health screenings
  • Legal aid
  • Referrals to social service and health service agencies
  • Family engagement activities to support families involvement in their child’s school or child’s educational process
  • Parent leadership training and opportunities

This document contains specific examples from Rhode Island's Full-Service Community Schools on strategies to meet Basic Education Program requirements: