School Opportunities

How the Office of School Opportunities Supports ride's Mission and Vision

  • We lead and support the schools and districts that operate in non-traditional spaces (such as charter and state-schools)
  • We utilize and create the policies and structures these schools operate in
  • We work collaboratively across the agency, particularly with the Commissioner on authorization work
  • We are flexible and supportive with new schools
  • We drive the advancement of opportunities in our schools
  • We will mindfully engrain RIDE's vision into our processes: all decisions and actions are made with the impact on students at the front of our mind
  • The idea that zip codes, race, language, socioeconomic status, ability, housing status, or other identities should not determine educational opportunity is central to the work of charters and non-traditional schools

More information will be placed here shortly, including updates on the following collaborative efforts between traditional districts and charter schools.

  • Multilingual Learning Consortium
  • Out-Of-School Time Programming in Central Falls
  • The Family Information Tool

The following schools are public schools in Rhode Island that serve students as tied to a specific mission, and exist by way of statute.

Depending upon the nature of your questions, you can contact us at one of the following emails:

School Opportunities

Charter Programs

Non-Public Schools