RIDE Educators of Color Committee

The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) is pleased to announce the creation of the RIDE Educators of Color Committee. The committee includes Rhode Island educators, and its mission is to “create structural changes to eliminate disparities and uphold our core values of Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Empowerment, and the Health and Safety of all students, families, educators and staff.” In collaboration with RIDE and Commissioner Infante-Green, this group of educators is eager to share its mission and vision with the Rhode Island education community, along with a call to action to share in this work. 

In November of 2019, Commissioner Infante-Green convened educators of color from across the Ocean State for a series of conversations to discuss how best to diversify the educator workforce. This group included teachers, administrators and school leaders. The conversations centered on addressing existing barriers into the profession; recruitment strategies; the working environment as it pertains to the treatment of educators, families and staff; and ongoing supports to ensure that all stakeholders can work, grow and succeed in Rhode Island schools.

Throughout 2020, while addressing the global pandemic and the intricacies of reopening schools safely, these educators continued to challenge the status quo by having open and honest dialogue with Commissioner Infante-Green and the RIDE team as it pertains to the challenges of being an educator of color. The convening of these educators by Commissioner Infante-Green was done to ensure equal representation for educators of color in all facets of education throughout Rhode Island, strengthening the Commissioner’s World-Class Talent pillar for Reimagining Education in the Ocean State.

To show their commitment in addressing each level of racism (internalized, interpersonal, institutional and systemic) within the Rhode Island education system, the RIDE Educators of Color Committee has created five subcommittees that will be responsible for upholding their mission, vision and core values in public and private education throughout the state. The five subcommittees will focus on the following:

  • Hiring and Retention Support System for Educators of Color 
  • Race and Culturally Responsive Professional Development and Trainings
  •  Statewide Accountability Review Board 
  • Race and Cultural Oversight Committee
  • Embedding Restorative Practices to Shift Statewide Climate and Culture

Both the RIDE team and these outstanding educators are excited about this partnership and look forward to creating tangible, lasting changes to our education system. If you would like more information on the RIDE Educators of Color Committee, please contact Joshua Flanagan at Joshua.flanagan@ride.ri.gov