State of Education in Rhode Island

Each year, the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education delivers a report on the state of education in Rhode Island.

This address has taken different forms through the years, and in 2021, Commissioner Infante-Green has added an online celebration in addition to a report.

2022 State of Education

On May 9, 2022, Rhode Island State of Education: Together for our Kids took place at East Providence High School and was streamed live via RIDE's YouTube page. The event consisted of a welcome event, during which guests had the opportunity to engage with students, educators, community members and state and local leaders. A speaking program and panel of educators followed, which made for a night of meaningful discussion, reflection and celebration.


Studies in Resilience: A Report on the State of Education in Rhode Island

Studies in Resilience is Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green’s second State of Education report as leader of the Rhode Island Department of Education and the first to be released in both English and in Spanish. The report includes a message from the Commissioner, an overview of RIDE’s COVID-19 response, and information on the agency’s progress on the goals laid out in its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

In addition to information on how RIDE addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and helped Rhode Island become a national leader in safely reopening schools, the report also shows the agency’s progress on the five pillars of its strategic plan: EquityEngaged CommunitiesExcellence in LearningWorld-Class Talent, and Governance Structures. Each pillar is given its own section, with both an overview from the Commissioner of RIDE’s work and a list of achievements, including the work done in the Providence Public School District as part of the state’s turnaround effort.

In addition to the written report, RIDE also released a digital report which included video interviews with educators, students, and parents in order to highlight some of Rhode Island’s accomplishments and milestones during the 2020-2021 school year. That event can be rewatched here.

In Pursuit of Excellence: A Report on the State of Education in Rhode Island

This is RIDE’s first annual report since Commissioner Infante-Green began her tenure in April 2019. It comes as the state completes its commitment to keep school going in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and prepares to announce an historic Turnaround Action Plan for the Providence Public School District (PPSD).

The report describes how, before the COVID-19 crisis hit, RIDE had put forth a collective vision that embraces high expectations for everyone. We convened leaders from schools of all types to review performance data and plot a course forward. As a result, our statewide goals are to recruit and grow world-class talent in our schools, promote excellence in learning across Rhode Island, and build and nurture fully engaged communities.

In the report, we tell some of the most powerful stories of the work underway across the state, including our collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to the Johns Hopkins report on PPSD. The report also recounts how we are transforming the culture of RIDE from compliance to support. Commissioner Infante-Green and her team are already engaged in the work for next year’s report. Our students and their families are counting on us to pursue excellence, and we will not rest until we deliver on that promise.

2018 State of Education

On March 19, 2018, the 2018 State of Education in Rhode Island took place at Potter-Burns Elementary School and was streamed live on RIDE's Facebook page.



2017 State of Education

On May 8, 2017, the 2017 State of Education in Rhode Island took place at Davies Career and Technical High School in Lincoln and was also streamed via Facebook Live on RIDE's Facebook page.

Commissioner Wagner discussed the progress we've made in the past year, and the goals we must set for the year to come to ensure that we deliver high-quality, equal education opportunities for every student in Rhode Island. 


Commissioner's Q&A with Students

Because students are the top priority in education, they were the focus for this year's address. Prior to the address, RIDE had sent an open invitation to all Rhode Island students of all grade levels to submit questions to the Commissioner for him to answer at the event. The Commissioner wanted to hear directly from them about the challenges they face, the dreams they have for the future, and what support or guidance they need in order to be successful. Over 200 questions were submitted and reviewed by the Rhode Island Student Advisory Council, a committee made up of one elected student from each high school in the state, and the Council select a handful of those questions to be asked after the Commissioner's address. The students whose questions were selected were invited to ask their question directly at the State of Education address. For the few students unable to attend, their question was asked by a member of the Advisory Council, who identified from whom the question originated. You can follow the discussion with the hashtag, #RIStateOfEd.