National Board Certification (NBPTS)

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards NBPTS is recognized as the gold standard for identifying accomplished teaching.

What is National Board Certification?

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Based on the Five Core Propositions of the NBPTS, National Board Certification challenges educators to demonstrate their practice against a rigorous set of standards that identify what all accomplished educators should know and be able to do. With nearly 64, 000 National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) nationally and 300 within Rhode Island, the National Board represents a growing and significant voice within the field of education.

Achieving National Board Certification requires educators to provide evidence of their accomplished practice and deep content knowledge. To do this, candidates for National Board Certification complete four portfolio entries and take six assessment center exercises. The assessment process is designed to be completed in one year, although candidates can bank scores that do attain the achievement rate to earn within three years the required minimum score. Details for completing the assessment process including the portfolio entries and assessment center exercises are available to be downloaded from the National Boards website.

National Board Certification in Rhode Island

Participation in the NBPTS certification process is a major professional commitment. Interested educators should visit the NBPTS website at to examine the Five Core Propositions, certification areas, standards, and eligibility requirements. Interested educators are also encouraged to speak with others who have participated in the process to gain an understanding of the expectations all candidates must meet and the commitments involved. Prospective candidates should recognize that to ensure an equitable experience for all candidates, the National Board Certification process follows an established schedule and requirements. Prospective candidates should also note that candidates have up to three years to achieve certification.