Educator Preparation Programs

RIDE approves a variety of educator preparation programs which, upon successful completion, prepare candidates for full certification in Rhode Island.

Candidates who complete Rhode Island Approved Educator Preparation Programs are eligible for full certification in Rhode Island and are eligible for certification in other states through reciprocity based upon agreements in the Interstate Certification Agreement with NASDTEC.

Data regarding program completions, in-state hiring, and in-state retention of graduates can be found in the RI Educator Preparation Indices. The indices include data on almost 3,000 recent in-state program completers and offer districts, future educators, and providers valuable information to inform their work and collaboration. Each index includes expandable sections with info ranging from completer background to effectiveness.

Currently Approved Providers

    Title II State Report Cards

    Title II State Report Cards are available on the Title II website. On the site, you can view at-a-glance data for a state by hovering over a state on the map, or click on a state from the map to view more information. Once you have clicked on a state from the map, the entire State Report Card is available through a Table of Contents drop-down box in the upper right corner of the page.