The Finance Office is the point of contact for all purchases of goods or services for the department. RIDE has the authority to proceed with some purchases, while others must be handled by the State Purchasing Office.

The web site of the Division of Purchases within the State Department of Administration has numerous resources for potential vendors as well as for state and local agencies who need to contract for goods or services.

Both the state and local agencies may access master price agreements negotiated by the state. In these instances contractors have agreed to a maximum price for certain goods or services. MPAs are a ceiling; agencies may always negotiate a lower price if possible.

list of Master Price Agreements may be found on the Division of Purchases web site by selecting the "Contract Board" icon.

Kristen Cole is the Procurement Officer for RIDE.

(401) 222-4681



  • On the State RIPAY web site vendors and other interested people may look up any payment made by the State of Rhode Island, by searching on outstanding purchase orders, ACH payments, and payments by check.
  • Pursuant to R.I. General Law 37-14.1, the state of Rhode Island supports the fullest possible participation of firms owned and controlled by minorities and women (MBEs) in state funded projects. The state’s goal is ten percent participation by MBEs in all state procurements. For further information, visit the Minority Business Enterprise website.