After School Snack and Meals Program

Sponsor in the National School Lunch Program

Schools operating the National School Lunch Program are eligible to participate in the Afterschool Snack Program when they provide educational or enrichment activities in an organized, structured, and supervised environment after the end of the school day.

Snacks are provided at no cost to the children.

Good nutrition is essential for full physical and cognitive development. Afterschool snacks contribute to the overall nutrition children need to learn, play, and grow. Organized, structured, and supervised afterschool programs provide safe environments for students after school. Nutritious snacks enable children to think and behave better. Healthy snacking contributes to healthy eating patterns now and in the future.

More information may be found at the United States Department of Agriculture


Sponsor in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

USDA funds afterschool meals through the CACFP. Known as the "At-Risk Afterschool Meals Program", this program serves a snack and/or meal to children in low-income areas during the school year.

The program provides children and youth a safe place to go after school and nutritious food that gives them the energy they need to concentrate on homework and join their friends in physical, educational, and social activities.

A nutritious snack and/or meal is provided at no cost to the children.

Childcare institutions interested in participating must operate an afterschool care program at an “area eligible” site (i.e. located in the attendance area of a school where at least 50 percent of students receive free/reduced price meals).

Schools operating under the National School Lunch Program may also be eligible to provide suppers by becoming a CACFP sponsor for qualifying afterschool programs.

Learn more about the options for out-of-school-time meal service.

More information may be found at the United States Department of Agriculture.

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CACFP Resources

USDA Nutrition Programs are designed to improve the health and well-being of children and adults. Here is additional information on nutrition and wellness.

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The Reimbursement and Claims section provides information on USDA reimbursement rates, and RIDE's CNP Connect secure claims processing and management system.

USDA reimbursement rates are updated on a yearly basis. Here are the current reimbursement rates for the Afterschool Snack Program through the National School Lunch Program.

"At Risk" Afterschool Care Program reimburses the sponsors for each meal or snack at the current USDA free reimbusement rate.

CNP Connect includes a secure section for processing meal claims. For additional information on filing meal claims, visit the CNPConnect site.

This section provides local and national data on the Afterschool Snack/Meal Programs, and information about fiscal aspects of the Program.