CNP Connect

CNP Connect is a secured web-based system for managing the Child Nutrition Programs. It is used by a Sponsor’s authorized staff to:

  • View, enter and/or update information about their organization and sites
  • View, enter and/or submit claims for reimbursement
  • Access, produce and print reports and program data

A Sponsor completes and submits a “Delegation of Authority” form to RIDE to add, change or delete a staff person’s access to CNP Connect Gateway. A RIDE approved username and password must be used to access the CNP Connect secure website.

Access CNP Connect

Questions and Answers about CNP Connect

What is a delegation of authority form and what are the levels of access?

A Delegation of Authority Form is the required form that, once completed by the appropriate sponsor personnel, and submitted to RIDE, will provide a user with access to the CNP Connect System.

There are three levels of access associated with the Delegation of Authority form:

Level 1 Authorized User is also known as the Sponsor Administrator.  It is considered the highest level of access to CNP Connect and is generally assigned to the Sponsor’s administrator.  This individual can approve and submit meal claims to CNP Connect.  They will also approve, add, update and edit program specific information about their organization in CNP Connect.  The Sponsor Administrator is the only one that is able to submit data to CNP Connect.

Level 2 Authorized User is also known as the Sponsor User.  This user is able to enter data and information into the CNP Connect system.  However, a Sponsor Administrator has to approve this information.  The Sponsor Administrator is the only one that is able to submit data to CNP Connect.

The third level of access is that of an auditor.  This access is limited and only provides the ability to view information, no changes or edits can be made at this level.

To encourage segregation of duties, it is recommended that a sponsor have at least 1 Sponsor Administrator and 1 Sponsor User. The sponsor user primarily enters information and the Sponsor Administrator reviews and approves the information to be electronically sent to RIDE. In either case by signing a Delegation of Authority Form you certify that each time you enter information into the system, it is complete and accurate.

It is important to note that sharing of log in information is not allowed.  Access to CNP will be locked if it is discovered that a user ID and password are being shared within an organization. The Delegation of Authority Form is the only form required for access and once the information is received by RIDE access can be provided immediately, usually within a day.  Faxed or scanned copies of completed forms are acceptable methods of submission to RIDE. When completing a Delegation of Authority Form, please be sure to print clearly and provide all information requested.

Where do I obtain the Delegation of Authority form?

Download the following forms:

Information & directions for 1st time CNP Connect users

What if I forget my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the CNP Connect login

Enter your username. If you enter your correct username and then enter a wrong password, you’ll see the message “forgot your password – click here”.

Once you click on “forgot your password – click here” you will be prompted to enter your first and last name, and your email address.  Then you should hit the submit key.

CNP Connect with authenticate your name and email address.  If verified, CNP Connect will send you an email with your password.

What if I forget my username?

If you forget your username, you need to contact RIDE for assistance.

For the School Lunch Program or Special Milk Program, contact Lauren Panzarella at 401-222-4252.

For the CACFP or Summer Food Service Program, contact David Mattos at 401-222-4254.