Rhode Island Department of Education Releases 2024 SurveyWorks Results

Published on Monday, June 17, 2024

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green and the Rhode Island Department of Education today released the results of RIDE’s 2024 administration of SurveyWorks, the annual statewide education survey. The survey collects crucial feedback and data from students, families, and educators on how to improve the state’s education system.

This year’s survey had the highest response rates ever from two key audiences: educators and families. The total response count was 130,214 across the state, with over 80,000 students, over 12,000 educators and administrators, and nearly 36,000 families responding. This year’s total response count was the highest received in a year.

“This year’s strong participation in SurveyWorks by education stakeholders demonstrates our commitment to engaging and hearing from our school communities. As we take a look at this data, we are determined to ensure that Rhode Island’s education system meets the needs of all students,” said Governor Dan McKee. “Thank you to the students, educators and families who continue to give valuable feedback and are committed to ensuring excellence in education in Rhode Island.”

“Engaging with our students, families and educators is critical to the work we do at RIDE. With our annual SurveyWorks, we are able to deep dive into school and classroom environments across Rhode Island to see what is working for our children,” said Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green. “I am glad that we continue to see steady gains in important areas. There is still much work to be done, but this year’s results show that we are moving down the right path.”

This year’s results demonstrate a continued rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic for all survey groups. Students across the board are feeling less stressed, with 65 percent of students responding favorably in grades 3 through 5, and 53 percent of students responding favorably in grades 6 through 12. These are both increases from 2023 SurveyWorks results. This comes as RIDE continues to work to better support students' mental health and social-emotional development with programs such as the $3 million W.E.L.L. initiative which is helping create wellness spaces in schools across Rhode Island.

In line with Governor McKee and RIDE’s #AttendanceMattersRI campaign, the results also indicate the importance of attending school has increased for educators, administrators and families compared to 2023 results. When asked if they believe missing at least 2 days of school a month impacts a student’s chances of graduating high school, these groups responded favorably:

  • 68 percent of teachers, accounting for a 4-percentage point increase;
  • 83 percent of administrators, accounting for a 6-percentage point increase;
  • And 57 percent of families, accounting for a 2-percentage point increase. 

To raise awareness, the Governor’s Office and RIDE partnered with the Partnership for Rhode Island to launch an all-new website with attendance resources for communities, as well as a video campaign with notable Rhode Island stakeholders to promote the importance of attending school. RIDE also assembled the Chronic Absenteeism Working Group to help curve chronic absenteeism.

The latest results also show educators are also feeling more supported through professional learning opportunities. In 2024, teachers reported a higher frequency of these opportunities at 41 percent, a 7-percentage point jump from 2023 after being stagnant in 2022 and 2023. Furthermore, perceptions of professional learning and growth have increased to above pre-pandemic levels at 46 percent, which is a 3-percentage point increase from 2023.

Families are also finding communication between themselves and their child’s school more beneficial. 2024 results show that 67 percent of families find communications from schools about programs and opportunities for their child helpful, a 2-percentage point increase from 2023.

“On behalf of the K-12 Council, I am grateful for the continued commitment exhibited by Rhode Island students, educators and families to ensure their feedback is given,” said Chair of the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education Patti DiCenso. “This data is instrumental in helping us to navigate and improve classroom landscapes, and we are ready to support our school communities in the areas of greatest need.”

The Providence Public School District (PPSD) saw gains in several survey response areas. At West Broadway Middle School, students’ and families’ perception of the importance of attendance increased significantly. Students’ perception on the importance of attendance increased by 15 percentage points as well, resulting in a 54 percent favorability. Families’ favorability for attendance increased by 21 percentage points compared to 2023, landing at 72 percent responding favorably. This is 8 percentage points higher than the District average of 64 percent, and 15 percentage points higher than the state average of 57 percent.

Other noteworthy 2024 SurveyWorks highlights include:

  • At Central Falls High School, cultural awareness and action increased among support for professionals by 15 percentage points, with 75 percent responding favorably – higher than the state average of 49 percent. 
  • At Agnes B. Hennessey School in East Providence, students reported that they feel less stressed, more supported and more focused. The student results increased to 72 percent, a 9-percentage point increase in 2024 compared to 2023.

For the second year in a row, educators in local education agencies (LEAs) can access the free tool Playbook, which allows them to craft lessons based on their school’s results designed and reviewed by educators across the country based on Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) tiers. Currently, all educators that have a RIDE portal account have automatic access to Playbook through the portal. If you do not see Playbook in the portal, please email SurveyWorks@ride.ri.gov to request access. 

To view the complete 2024 SurveyWorks results for the state, your district, or your school, please visit our SurveyWorks Resource Center.