Rhode Island Department of Education Hosts “Let’s Get Ready” Community of Practice for Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements

Published on Wednesday, June 26, 2024

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) yesterday hosted its “Let’s Get Ready” Community of Practice Exhibition at the WaterFire Arts Center to celebrate and explore methodology used by local education agencies (LEAs) to implement the Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements, which were passed in fall 2022 and are designed to start with the graduating class of 2028. The event brought together more than 100 counselors, educators and administrators from 41 high schools to demonstrate and share information about the progress their schools have made in preparing high school students for college and career through Rhode Island’s new secondary regulations. Groups were able to strategize and plan with one another in cross-district sessions to spotlight what has worked and challenges they have faced in implementing the requirements and how they have addressed them.

“Over the past year and a half, we have participated in extensive direct engagement with school leaders and educators to ensure that our Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements meet the needs of all of our students,” said Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green. “We are committed to empowering high schools to implement the regulations with the tools they need to succeed and ensuring our students are ready to create their own futures. Whether in college or career, our new high school graduation requirements aim to make sure students are better prepared to thrive.”

Last summer, RIDE kicked off the first “Let’s Get Ready” Community of Practice at an all-day, in-person event with school teams from various high schools across the state. Since then, educators and administrators have met virtually four times with RIDE reaching out to over 250 unique participants. Topics covered included financial literacy and computer science proficiencies, secondary math education, world language, middle school strategies, and caregiving youth supports and flexibility – all part of the secondary regulations for the graduating class of 2028.

“Whether preparing students for college or career, RISSA is committed to ensuring school leaders have the support necessary to be successful,” said Rhode Island School Administrators’ Association (RISSA) Executive Director Dr. Thomas DiPaola. “Ongoing partnership and collaboration are necessary as we work towards the successful adoption of Rhode Island’s new readiness-based graduation requirements. We are pleased that our members were able to share their insight and experience as part of RIDE’s ‘Let’s Get Ready’ Community of Practice.”

“Principals play a critical role in shaping the learning experiences students rely on as they strive towards post-secondary and career success,” said Rhode Island Association of School Principals (RIASP) Interim Executive Director Donald Rebello. “Our members have a unique understanding of what is needed at the school level to successfully implement Rhode Island’s new graduation requirements, and we are pleased to have made contributions to the ‘Let’s Get Ready’ Community of Practice held by RIDE. We will continue to engage RIDE and other education stakeholders to strengthen education offerings across the state.”

The Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements, also known as the secondary regulations, were approved by the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education in November 2022. The regulations reimagine high school by establishing relevant coursework for students in order to better prepare them for college and career and ensure that all students have access to high-quality curriculum and instruction. The amended graduation requirements are the most commented on set of regulations in K-12 education in Rhode Island and represent extensive input from the public and other education stakeholders. For more information on the Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements, including guidance for LEAs and educators, please visit our Diploma System page on the RIDE website. For questions, please email ReimaginingHS@ride.ri.gov.