State Education Aid / Funding Formula

The state of Rhode Island provides direct financial support to public schools and public school students through state aid. 

Currently, state aid consists of:

  • formula aid distributed to LEAs, including school districts and charter schools;
  • categorical funding outside of the distributed aid; and
  • funds distributed to districts once a year for specific purposes, e.g., a per pupil amount to each school district for each group home bed licensed in the district, reimbursements for providing textbooks to non-public schools and a partial subsidy for school breakfast meals served.

“Supporting student achievement is our highest priority. A transparent, consistent education funding formula will allow us to ensure that student achievement remains the top priority for our state and for every school district. We are confident that this funding formula will take us from being the only state without a funding formula to being the state with the best funding formula in the country.” – Commissioner Gist

Funding Formula Distribution

Funding Formula Background Information

State Education Aid/Funding Formula categories

The following aid categories were funded in the FY 2015 Enacted Budget:

Part of the Funding Formula

  • Funding Formula Aid for school districts, charter schools, Davies Career & Technical High School, Metropolitan Career & Technical Center, and the Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program.
  • Career & Technical Education categorical
  • Transportation categorical
  • Early Childhood Education categorical
  • High-Cost Special Education categorical
  • Central Falls School District categorical

Not Part of the Funding Formula

  • Group Home Aid
  • R.I. School for the Deaf
  • School Breakfast Aid
  • Non-Public Textbook Aid
  • Full Day Kindergarten Implementation
  • E-Rate