Educator Excellence & Certification Services

Every student must have highly effective teachers.
Every school must have highly effective leaders & support professionals.
We must support educators throughout their careers.

E N S U R E   E D U C A T O R   E X C E L L E N C E

Educator Excellence is essential to improving student achievement. Educator Excellence begins with clear standards for educator practice.  Improvement of achievement requires implementing strong practices in recruiting, developing, recognizing, and retaining talented and demonstrably successful staff in LEAs.

NEW!! RIDE seeking a Leadership Fellow for 2017-18

RIDE's strategic plan includes a vision for growing and supporting leaders. RIDE is seeking an experienced educator-leader to work at RIDE during the 2017-2018 school year to help define and implement the vision of the strategic plan. This individual would work as a Fellow, on loan from his/her school district. Please see the application for more information.

Application for Educator Quality Fellow 2017-2018 Leadership

The application deadline is June 23, 2017