Educator Performance and Support System (EPSS)

The Educator Performance and Support System (EPSS) is an online tool to support high quality evaluation implementation, maximize educators' time and resources, and provide a single data system for educator evaluation. The EPSS provides a tested, yet customized online system to streamline and support the Educator Evaluation work throughout the state.

Access the EPSS through the RIDEmap Single Sign-on Portal.

Cyclical Process



Evaluation Data Reporting Spreadsheet & Directions

(for schools and districts not using EPSS)

EPSS Closeout and Turnover

Roster Verification

Educator Performance and Support System – Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the following document for further clarification on the role of the EPSS District Configuration Administrator. EPSS District Configuration Administrator [PDF, 550KB]

Getting Started with EPSS

RI Model – District Configuration Administrator Alternate Models – District Configuration Administrator RI Model – Evaluators RI Model – Educators

EPSS Help Resources

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