District Developed Evaluation Systems

The Rhode Island Educator Evaluation Systems Standards allow districts to adopt the RI Model or to develop their own system to meet the standards. All districts that elect to develop their own systems must have their designs reviewed and approved by RIDE prior to adopting the new evaluation system.

The district must submit the design with all supporting documentation to RIDE for review by April 2012 for a fall implementation. RIDE has prepared guidelines that inform districts on what to submit for approval including the proposal format, links to standards, supporting documentation, deadlines, and other specifics. A link to these guidelines is provided below. RIDE will review the documentation for compliance with the Rhode Island Educator Evaluation System Standards and either approve or deny the district’s request. If a district is unable to independently meet the standards then the district will continue to use the RI Model. For districts that are in the process of designing their own evaluation system the audit task link below leads to a set of questions that will assist districts in providing an initial self-assessment to identify gaps that must be addressed as part of the design process.

2014 Key Dates for Submitting Materials

January 15, 2014: Intent to Submit a Design: Any district planning to submit a District Designed Model for review must notify RIDE of its intent to submit a design by January 15th of the school year prior to implementation
The intent must be in writing and should include the name and contact information for the district’s liaison on this work. RIDE will use this letter of intent to maintain a list of contacts that will be updated with any ongoing changes in this evolving system.

March 14, 2014: Initial Submission for Approval: RIDE will review documentation and provide feedback to any district that submits its design early, by March 14. If the plan is not approved in April following the initial review, the district can resubmit a revised plan by the May deadline using feedback provided as a result of the initial review.

RIDE strongly encourages districts to take advantage of this opportunity to receive feedback and revise systems to assure that they meet standards. Districts that have not received approval for local designs by June 13th will be required to continue to use the Rhode Island Model for the following school year.

May 15, 2014: Final Design Submission for Approval: Districts must submit a design document and all supporting documentation to RIDE in the format specified in the guidelines by May 15th of the school year prior to implementation.

The approval or non-approval of the system will be communicated to the district by June 13. A district that submits its system for the first time in May will NOT have the opportunity to re-submit following the review. Districts must have approval from RIDE by June 13 or they will be required to continue to implement the Rhode Island Model.

Resources for District Developed Systems