Reimagining the Student Experience

Students show up to school motivated and eager to learn when schools get the design right from the students' perspective. It is important for the students to feel that school aligns well with the things that matter to them. Therefore, if the goal is to personalize learning so that 100 percent of the students are prepared to succeed in college and life, the school must develop experiences that help students want to show up ready to learn. The key is to design with empathy keeping in mind that students want to feel successful and make progress, and to have fun with friends.

The following is a list of experiences that have emerged as critical from the students' perspective.

  • Student Agency
  • Individual Mastery
  • Access to Actionable Data and Rapid Feedback
  • Transparency in Learning Goals
  • Sustained Periods of Quiet, Solitary Reading Time
  • Meaningful Work Experiences
  • Mentoring Experiences
  • Positive Group Experiences 

This is not a one size fits all list. Each school must ask if these are the right experiences for their students and what other experiences are critical to reach the goal of a personalized learning experience.

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