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Rhode Island public secondary schools have the opportunity to expand coursework available to their high school and middle school students through the Advanced Coursework Network.

Enriching experiences with advanced coursework help students get a head start on post-secondary success, master the skills required of a lifelong learner, and be prepared for jobs in sectors critical to Rhode Island’s future prosperity. The Advanced Coursework Network is designed to help districts and schools meet this need by creating opportunities for Rhode Island students to envision, pursue and realize their individualized graduation pathway. 

Districts and schools have the option of joining the Network as Network Members, in which they allow their students to enroll in coursework offered by the Network. Coursework are offered by Rhode Island LEAs, Community-Based Organizations, Institutions of Higher Education and approved Department of Labor and Training course providers.

Questions regarding the Advanced Coursework Network can be emailed to advancedcoursework@ride.ri.gov.

Current Advanced Coursework Network Members

  • Academy for Career Exploratioin (ACES)
  • Barrington
  • Beacon Charter School
  • Blackstone Academy
  • Blackstone Valley Prep,
    A RI Mayoral Academy
  • Burrillville
  • Central Falls
  • Cumberland
  • Davies
  • East Providence
  • Exeter-West Greenwich
  • Highlander Charter School
  • Little Compton
  • MET Career and Tech
  • Narragansett
  • New Shoreham
  • Newport
  • North Kingstown
  • North Smithfield
  • Paul Cuffee Charter School
  • Pawtucket
  • Portsmouth
  • Providence
  • RI Nurses Institute Middle College

  • Scituate
  • Segue Institute for Learning
  • Sheila Skip Nowell Leadership Academy
  • The Greene School
  • Times2 Academy
  • Tiverton
  • Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts
  • Village Green Virtual
  • Warwick
  • Westerly
  • Woonsocket

If your school or district is interested in being a Network Member of the Advanced Coursework Network, please email advancedcoursework@ride.ri.gov.  

2017-18 Advanced Coursework Network Providers 

  • Astro Curricular
  • Barrington Public Schools
  • Burrillville Public Schools
  • Fab Newport
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Katie Brown Educational Program
  • New England Institute for Technology
  • New Urban Arts
  • Northeast Maritime Institute
  • Providence After School Alliance
  • Recycle-a-Bike
  • Riverzedge
  • Roger Williams University
  • Salve Regina University


Students & Family Support Toolbox

The new Rhode Island Advanced Coursework Network provides qualified high school and middle school students (in participating school districts) the chance to take an exciting catalog of college and career preparatory courses at no cost to participating students. Advanced Coursework Network courses are offered by Rhode Island colleges and universities, community based organizations and other school districts at no cost to you and your family. 

Governor Raimondo, the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) and stakeholders across our state created this innovative new program which began in the 2016-2017 school year. Taking advantage of advanced coursework of all kinds can better prepare students for success in college or future careers. Taking advantage of dual enrollment or advanced placement courses can reduce the time it takes your student to earn a college degree while significantly reducing the college costs your family will have to pay.

Contact your student’s high school or middle school to ask if they are part of the Advanced Coursework Network. Your student’s school counselor will help you and your student understand the opportunities for taking advanced coursework and how your student can meet graduation requirements by taking these courses while still in high school. 

Our goal is to help all students take advantage of this important new program, as part of the expanding opportunities Rhode Island students will have to graduate high school prepared for college and career success.

Printable Overview of the Advanced Coursework Network
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  - Spanish 

Important dates for student and families to remember

Member Schools List
Register for a Course
(Fall Course Registration opens March 2017).
  Helpful Videos
  - Registering is EASY!
  - Student and Family Roles, Responsibilities, and Communication Process


Email: AdvancedCoursework@ride.ri.gov 

District & School Support Toolbox


Network Members

A Network Member is any Rhode Island Local Educational Authority (LEA) or school that voluntarily chooses to extend the Advanced Coursework Network opportunities to students in their district and/or school. As Network Members, schools and districts enable students and their families to choose to enroll in formerly unavailable high value academic- and career-focused courses while they remain enrolled at their public school. 

Network Provider

A Network Provider can be an LEA or school, RI community-based organization, approved Department of Labor and Training (DLT) program, or higher education institution that delivers advanced coursework opportunities to Rhode Island students.


The Rhode Island Department of Education supports the costs of Network coursework through state discretionary funds for students not enrolled as full time students at the Network Provider location. There is no cost to the district, school or family to be a Network Member or to take a Network course. The cost of books and course materials are covered by state funding via per student tuition payments to Network Providers. No funding will be re-purposed from the funding formula to support the Network. 

While options are available in blended or virtual formats, some courses are offered face to face in a classroom setting. Students and their families are responsible for transportation the student to the course at the Network Provider’s location. The school or district may choose to support transportation of their students.


Schools and districts that choose to join the network designate a staff member or members to ensure the consistent communication between your school and the Network coordinators. The school or LEA designated staff become the main the point of contact for:  

  • Advising students on courses that match their interests and meet their graduation requirements;
  • Communicating the available opportunities, benefits and risks to students and families;
  • Assisting students with course registration through the online portal;
  • Confirming enrollments through the online portal;
  • Ensuring final grades and credits are reflected on report cards and transcripts for students who participate and successfully complete a Network course; and
  • Ensuring equitable access to and equitable participation in the Network, by addressing the needs of students, teachers, and other program beneficiaries in order to overcome barriers to equitable participation.
 Member Schools List

Important Dates for schools, districts, students and families

Member Online Portal - Manage student registrations, reports, and communications
Helpful Video
  - Approving a Student Registration for a Network Course

Interested in becoming a Network Member school or district?
  - NEW Network Member Infographic
  - Network Member Assurances
  - Sample Letter to Students and Families (English / Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Coursework Network
This document provides detailed information on the Advanced Coursework Network for schools and district leaders, students and families
  Additional QUESTIONS?

Email: AdvancedCoursework@ride.ri.gov 




Email: AdvancedCoursework@ride.ri.gov 


Email: AdvancedCoursework@ride.ri.gov 

Network Provider Resources


Network Provider can be an LEA or school, RI community-based organization, approved Department of Labor and Training (DLT) program, or higher education institution that delivers advanced coursework opportunities to Rhode Island students.

Why Become a Network Provider 

As Network Provider, RI schools, districts, higher education institutions and community based organizations open doors and create new opportunities for Rhode Island secondary students by offering previously unavailable coursework to students across the state. 

Important Dates for Network Providers

Provider Online Portal - View course information; manage student rosters and group communications (Login link found in the upper right hand corner of the page)
Helpful Videos:
- Accessing Student Rosters
- Group Email to Students

Interested in becoming a Network Provider?
- NEW Network Provider Infographic
- Network Provider Application

Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Coursework Network
This document provides detailed information on the Advanced Coursework Network for schools and district leaders, students and families
Additional QUESTIONS?


Network Provider Proposals for 2017-18

Become a Network Provider Now: Network Provider Application Kit  

The Advanced Coursework Team held Information Sessions via webinars in early November. A PDF of the presentation can downloaded here and a recording of the webinar can be viewed below: 


To submit a Course Provider Application: 

Review the requirements of the posted Request for proposals. For planning purposes, a PDF of the application questions has been provided. Final application submissions must be submitted through the electronic survey link provided above. 

Questions or Requests to Join the Mailing list Can be made by email to:


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