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Design the RIDE Website! Student Competition

RIDE is launching a contest for Rhode Island high school students to redesign our website.

RIDE’s current website was created in 2014 – and it is now time for a new one! With so many Rhode Island students learning computer science and web design skills, we’re holding a contest for you to participate in redesigning our website. Students: here is a chance for you to show off your creativity to design a website that your would like to visit and include your final product in your portfolio to showcase the skills you have learned.

We invite students to submit designs for the layout and look and feel of the site; selected finalists’ submissions will be voted on by the general public for which site they find the most user-friendly. We will then launch the student-designed, public-approved website in September 2019.

Through classes or clubs or after-school programs, high school students in Rhode Island are welcome to compete with others throughout the state to see who can create the most user-friendly website design according to the eligibility and contest guidelines described below.

The Prize

RIDE will use the winner’s design as our new website, and the winning school (or student) will be credited in the footer of the new website as its designer. If any elements from other finalists’ sites are incorporated into the site, they will be likewise credited. Winning students may be eligible for an internship at RIDE through PrepareRI to help build the site at RIDE in Summer 2019.


Below please find the general timeline for this contest.

  • September 7, 2018: Contest Announced (along with Council Seal Designation Design Competition).
  • October 31, 2018: Optional intent to participate survey opens (see Eligibility and Submission section).
  • January 28, 2019: Deadline for entries submitted to RIDE.
  • February 2019: RIDE notifies finalists of selection.
  • March 2019: Public poll to vote on finalists’ sites.
  • April 2019: RIDE announces winner(s) of the public poll.
  • Summer 2019: RIDE will use the winner’s design as the base from which to create our new website, and students from the winning team may be eligible for an internship at RIDE to participate in this work.
  • September 2019: RIDE’s new student-designed, public-approved website launches.

Eligibility and Submission


Those who are eligible to participate in this contest include:

  • High school students with (or learning) the requisite computer science / web design / coding skills who are residents of Rhode Island.
  • High school computer science / web design classes or clubs at public and private schools in Rhode Island.
  • After-school / extra-curricular computer science or web design programs for students in high school that are run by non-profit community organizations or associations in Rhode Island.

Submission Guidelines

  • Each entity (e.g., class, club, program, student) is limited to one site design submission ("entry").
    • Multiple classes at a school may each submit a website design.
    • Schools are also welcome to have multiple classes/sections work together on a single website design, or to have classes/sections/teams of students create separate website designs and then vote on or otherwise select a single website design for submission.
    • A student may not submit more than one design. For example, if a student submits a design individually, that student may not submit as part of a class, club, or program.
  • Final submissions must be emailed to webmaster@ride.ri.gov by January 28, 2019 by the point of contact. Any documents shared through links must allow anyone with the link to view. Entries missing any of the following items once the submission deadline passes will be considered incomplete and will be automatically disqualified:
    • Signed Finalist/Winner Agreement (scanned PDF or JPG photo).
    • Full name of entity (e.g., school, class/club; organization, program; association; student if an individual entry), the name and email of lead teacher/adult as point of contact, and the number and grade level of students who contributed to the design (e.g., web design club that has two 12th graders, fifteen 11th graders, three 10th graders, and seven 9th graders).
    • Link to the completed site (e.g., hosted by the entity or by a reputable web hosting service; the site should be titled“RIDE Website Design Contest Entry – [Entity Name] – [Group Name]” with the entity name and group/class/club/program name, if applicable, replacing the placeholder text and brackets).
    • Completed Rubric Checklist and supporting documentation, as attached PDF(s) or linked document(s).
  • Once RIDE has selected the finalists in February 2019, RIDE will provide redirect links from our website to the finalists' sites for the duration of the public voting poll in March 2019 that determines the winner.

Design Requirements


The requirements below set some basic parameters for the site design - but we're really looking for students to use their creativity to design a website that they would like to visit!


Built using Drupal 8, ideally the most recent stable release

Modules to Use

For this project, modules are generally categorized in one of two ways: those that increase the functionality of the back-end / platform (Supporting Modules) and those that support different ways to display the content to the public (Content Display Modules). Requirements for all modules include:

  • Found / linked from the Drupal Download & Extend site / Modules tab.
  • Core compatibility with Drupal 8.x
  • Ideally, has a supported stable release.
  • Maintenance status must be supported (at least minimally maintained).
  • Development status is not obsolete.
  • All modules visible to the public must comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA (e.g., keyboard navigable) to ensure web accessibility for all site visitors.


All content and modules on the website must comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA to ensure web accessibility for all site visitors. All pages must have a header and footer that will contain static information (e.g., navigation bar, Google translate widget, link to the home page, search box).

  • Home Page (required): Must contain a prominent search box and utilize all RIDE homepage placeholder content provided (see the Files section) (e.g., links to most-accessed content).
  • Content Page Template (one basic page required; additional templates optional): A live page using filler text (e.g., lorem ipsum) and placeholder content; used to show the design standards and the content display modules chosen for the site.
  • Content Pages (one required using the basic page template): At least one page built with content provided from an existing RIDE webpage to show how the page content could look using the content display modules chosen for the basic page template; maximum two pages can be submitted. Placeholder content provided in downloadable Word documents (see the Files section).

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar can be always found at the top or the side of the page, must be keyboard accessible, and meet the following criteria:

  • The navigation bar may have categories which each have a drop-down menu of pages (by click or hover); or the navigation bar may be a single bar where each category title links to a landing page containing the links.
  • Only two levels total, utilizing the category and page names provided as placeholders (see navigation spreadsheet document in the Files section).
  • The navigation bar may be a static overlay (e.g., minimizes and/or “sticks” so it is visible when the page is scrolled) or it may be part of the header that scrolls with the page.

Theme / Stylesheet

RIDE utilizes a particular blue theme that complies with WCAG 2.0 Level AA. The use of all colors, fonts, font size, contrast, etc., must comply with WCAG 2.0 Level AA (free online tools are available to help with contrast).

  • Existing Drupal themes may be used, or the colors and fonts site may be set by the student(s). However, colors from existing themes must be replaced with colors from the RIDE Brand Color Reference Sheet in the Files section, with at least two of the RIDE Blue Palette colors used.
  • Styles used must follow the RIDE Brand (colors provided) and (if not a prepackaged Drupal theme) freely available and easily readable sans serif web fonts.

Stakeholder Involvement

Students are encouraged to involve their peers, family members, schools, and communities in their projects.

  • Stakeholder Feedback: Bonus points will be given to entries that can demonstrate the use of focus groups or other feedback mechanisms during the web design and development process.
  • Professional Input: Entries are welcome to invite web design professionals from the community to address the participating students and talk about web design, being a web designer, and/or to provide feedback on the student-built sites during the design process. If so, list name(s) and company information of these professionals in the Professional Input space on the Rubric Checklist in the Files section. Any visits must be for student learning purposes only and be provided to the school / district / organization / entry for free, nor may the professionals in any way create or edit any portion of the student site entry for this contest.

Important Information & Files


Please email webmaster@ride.ri.gov with “RIDE Website Design Contest” in the subject line

Site Documents

Documents on this site require the use of the following programs:

DOC - Microsoft Word

PDF - Acrobat Reader

PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint

XLS - Microsoft Excel