NECAP Science

The Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations (GSEs) for Science were developed as a means to identify the content knowledge and skills expected of all students (grades K-12).

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Schedule & Workshops

Grades Tested: 4, 8, 11

Administration Dates: May 4 - 28, 2015 (Rhode Island only, with RI pick up on May 29)

Test Administration Materials

Test Manuals

Test Administrator Manuals
(For Teachers)
Test Coordinator Manuals
(For Principals / District Leaders)

2014 NECAP Science Grade 4 Test Administrator Manual [PDF]

2014 NECAP Science Principal/Test Coordinator Manual [PDF]

2014 NECAP Science Grade 8 Test Administrator Manual [PDF]

2014 NECAP Science Test Coordinator Presentation [PDF]

2014 NECAP Science Grade 11 Test Administrator Manual [PDF]


Test Reference Materials

Test Security Materials


To see public data for school and district results on the Measured Progress site.






Data Analysis



Data Analysis


Technical Reports

Reporting Workshops

RIDE will be conducting two face-to-face NECAP Science reporting workshops in September. These workshops are designed for principals, superintendents, and any staff members who are directly involved with student data and analysis of results. The workshops will provide a review of the various NECAP Science reports and support materials as well as an overview of the Rhode Island Analysis and Reporting System. Dates will be posted soon.

Released Items & Inquiry Tasks, Support Materials

Practice Tests

* Practice test materials do not include the current year's released items.

Task Booklet Task Manual Answer Booklet Placemat Scoring Guide
Grade 4: "Playground Trash" Task Booklet [909KB] None for Grade 4 Playground Trash Answers [936KB] Playground Trash PlacematPlay [40KB] Playground Trash Scoring Guide [929KB]
Grade 8: "Rainy Morning" Task Booklet [922KB] Rainy Morning Task Manual [924KB] Rainy Morning Answers [937KB] Rainy Morning Placemat [38KB] Rainy Morning Scoring Guide [933KB]
Grade 11: "Acid Lakes" Task Booklet [154KB] Acid Lakes Task Manual [178KB] None for Grade 11 None for Grade 11 Acid Lakes Scoring Guide [126KB]

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General Information

Each year the Office of Instruction, Assessment and Curriculum offers an opportunity for classroom teachers and other educators to participate in the development of the NECAP Science test for grades 4, 8, and 11. As new items are developed for this test, educators are needed to review items for such things as:
  • alignment to the GSEs
  • correct Depth of Knowledge levels
  • Universal Design principles, and
  • bias and sensitivity concerns.

Teacher committees are essential to the work of creating a valid and reliable assessment system. Many educators have participated in these committees and have learned a lot not only from the process but also from the educators representing all NECAP Science states (New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont).

Below are answers to common questions about participation:


Educators must complete an application and meet minimum criteria in order to be considered for participation on one of the committees. NOTE: Even if you have applied and/or attended in the past you still must complete an application each year in order to be considered for participation.


The “Item Review Committee” (IRC) and “Bias & Sensitivity Review Committee” meetings are held in various locations throughout New England. Those selected for participation on one of the committees do not have to worry about hotel accommodations, as reservations are made for each participant and expenses are covered.


Once participants have been selected, it is their responsibility to arrange for transportation to and from the meetings of the committee to which they have been assigned.


Participants who drive their own cars are reimbursed for mileage and tolls to and from the meetings. Forms for mileage are handed out at each meeting.


Participants are reimbursed $25.00/night for dinner. Breakfasts and lunches are provided as needed. Forms for meal reimbursements are handed out at each meeting.

Committee Assignment

Please remember that because NECAP Science assessments are designed to Grade Span Expectations (GSEs), you may be placed on a committee that does not reflect the specific grade you currently teach. For example, if you are a 6th grade teacher, you will be placed on the 5th grade or the 8th grade IRC Committee. This Team bases their selection decisions on a number of criteria--including grade span representation--using the information provided by the applicant in his/her application. Below you will find the applications for participation on each committee as well as information such as when and where meetings will be held, who to contact at RIDE if you have questions, the purpose of each committee, and the criteria for participation.

NECAP Test Development Committees

Item Review Committee (IRC)

As part of preparing assessment items for field-testing, NECAP Science items are reviewed each year for alignment to the appropriate Grade Span Expectations, targeted Depth of Knowledge level, Universal Design, and instructional relevance. This work is done by grade-level teams comprising science educators from each of the NECAP states.

To qualify, educators should meet the following criteria for participation on an Item Review Committee (IRC):
  • have advanced knowledge and experience with the Grade Span Expectations (GSEs),
  • have experience teaching at the relevant grade span, and
  • be willing and able to work intensively on a team for two consecutive days.

Bias and Sensitivity Committee

As part of preparing assessment items for field-testing, all test items are reviewed each year to ensure that they are free from language or content that may negatively impact the test performance of a specific group of students. This work is done by a team of educators from each of the NECAP states who represent a specific subgroup (e.g., racial, ethnic or religious groups, rural or urban interests, individuals with disabilities, recent immigrants, English language learners) or have direct experience working with students from these subgroups.

To qualify, educators should meet the following criteria:
  • have current and direct experience teaching or working with students,
  • offer a unique perspective on one or more specific student subgroups,
  • be willing and able to work intensively with a team of educators for two or more consecutive days, and
  • have some experience with the GSEs.

Application: Due May 30, 2014


August 7th-8th, 2014
Stowe, VT

Questions for Item Review Committee:

Peter McLaren

Questions for Bias & Sensitivity:

Jennifer Solek

Commitments for Participation on a Committee

If you are selected to participate on one of the committees, you must be prepared to fulfill the following conditions. 1.  To be present on each day by 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted. 2.  To be flexible in the event that alternate dates need to be scheduled. 3.  To commit to the entire process, including staying until all tasks are finished.

NOTE: Committee members should be prepared to leave no earlier than 4 p.m. on the last day of their scheduled meetings.

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