Instructional Resources

Instructional resources are available for educators to aid in the delivery of a sound, high-quality education to every student to improve achievement for all students.

Investments are being made (through Race to the Top and other initiatives) in building the capacity of individuals, institutions, and education communities to develop the knowledge, skills, and resources for effecting sustainable improvement.


NEW!! Integrating Practices Online Science and Math Modules

New online modules on integrating the Standards for Mathematical Practices and on the Next Generation Science Standards along with a Leadership Module and additional resources are currently available to all Rhode Island educators through RIDEmap.

To access the modules, please log into RIDEmap and select the link to the Integrating Practices Online Modules on the right side of the page.

If you do not have access to RIDEmap, please contact your district or enter a helpdesk ticket.

NEW!! Best Practices for Collaborative Scoring Module

Assessment Toolkit #4 is now available at www.ride.ri.gov/EdEval-OnlineModules


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