Early Childhood Education

One of the best ways to ensure that children succeed in school is to provide all children with access to high-quality programs for early learning. To meet this goal, we work with public and nonpublic schools, community-based organizations, and home-based child-care providers to continuously improve the quality of early-learning programs and to expand opportunities for early learning across our state.

The early childhood work in the Office of Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum supports four primary goals:

  1. Increasing access to high-quality early childhood education programs for all children
  2. Supporting the professional development of early childhood professionals
  3. Providing information to families about supporting their child's learning
  4. Ensuring that children with developmental delays or disabilities are identified and have access to specialized services and supports

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Rhode Island Wins US Department of Education Preschool Expansion Grant

In response to President Obama’s call to expand access to high-quality preschool to every child in America, Congress appropriated $250 million for the Preschool Development/Expansion Grant Program in fiscal year 2014. In October of 2014, Rhode Island along with 34 other states submitted what is now recognized as a winning application. The Rhode Island Department of Education will receive $19 million dollars over four years to expand its high quality State Pre-Kindergarten Program (Pre-K). As one of only four state preschool programs in the country that meets or exceeds the nation’s highest quality benchmarks as measured by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), the Rhode Island State Pre-K is recognized as a national leader in the development of high-quality preschool programs. Please click here to go to the US Department of Education Preschool Development Grants webpage to learn about all the development and expansion grant winners, their awards and applications. 

RI Pre-K Expansion Grant Announcement [PDF, 40KB]

Learn more about Early Childhood Education

  • Programs to help children begin school ready to learn and be ready to have success in their schooling careers
  • Early Learning Challenge - a $50 million grant to improve early learning and development opportunities for Rhode Island's young children
  • Workforce - developing a highly qualified workforce with access to a high quality professional development system
  • Early Learning Standards - what children should know and be able to do as they enter kindergarten
  • Child Outreach and Family Engagement - programs to support families as they prepare their children for school success, as well as to identify and evaluate young children with disabilities
  • Early Childhood Special Education - individualized special education preschool  programs and services for 3-5 year olds  
Early Learning
Early Learning

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