Civics & Social Studies

The Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations (GSEs) for Social Studies have been developed as a means to identify the content knowledge and skills expected of all students (grades K-high school).

 General George Washington visits with students
General George Washington visits with students at Nathanael Greene Elementary School


If you would like free updates on professional development, resources, events, grant opportunities, and awards, you are welcome to join the RI-SOCST listserv.  Email Marie Parys with a request to join.  Please include your name, school, and district.

United States Senate Youth Program

High-schools encouraged to participate in United States Senate Youth Program

RIDE is pleased to announce an exciting scholarship opportunity for Rhode Island students. High-school juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the 53rd Annual United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP). All 50 states offer this program, and Rhode Island has participated for many years. Each state selects two students to represent their state for a week of special activities in Washington, D.C., where the students interact with elected officials and people in top government positions. Each student selected will also receive a $5,000 scholarship. The students RIDE has selected to represent Rhode Island have always reported that they enjoyed a unique and valuable educational experience.

RIDE will use a three-phase screening process, including a test, an essay, and an interview, to select the two student representatives and two alternates. Each school that wishes to participate must name a program coordinator who will be responsible for administering the test and essay portion of this process at their high school.

We have sent information on this program to those high schools who have coordinated this program in past years. For high schools who do not have a coordinator for this program, principals are welcome to contact RIDE about participation this year.

High-school principal(s) should please forward to RIDE no later than September 14 the name and e-mail address of the coordinator for each high school to

Questions about this program, may be directed to Dana Wilson, at the above e-mail address or at 222-4690. More information and program forms are available at

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