RI Next Generation Science Assessments

Beginning in 2018, Rhode Island will administer a new science assessment aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

This new assessment, the Rhode Island Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA), will replace the NECAP science assessments. The NGSA will be administered in grades 5, 8 & 11 as a census field test from May 14 - June 1, 2018. The tabs below contain more information. For more information on the new assessment, please use the tabs below.


Test Coordinator Information

RI NGSA Test Coordinator in-person training presentation describes the structure of the new assessment, student registration processes, how to access and update accommodations, accessing practice tests, and teacher training.

RI NGSA portal contains links to the practice tests, R NGSA documents, access to the Test Distribution Engine, and TIDE.

Training Information

RI Next Generation Science Assessment Test Coordinator Training

  • The RI NGSA Test Coordinator Training Presentation (ppt) given on January 30-31, 2018 contains an overview the assessment, technology systems, accessibility and accommodations, and upcoming training requirements and resources.
  • Additional webinars on various topics will be announced closer to the testing date.

Test Design Information

Information will be posted soon!

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities and English Learners

The RI NGSA Accessibility and Accommodations Manual (pdf) contains information on accessibility features and designated supports for all students as well as information about accommodations for students with disabilities and English learners, Unique Accommodations Forms, and how to upload and manage accommodations and other test supports in the online testing platform. Please see the Test Coordinator Training presentation for additional information about the RI NGSA.

Technical Skills for Students

RI NGSA Technical Skills for Students (pdf) lists the technical skills students should have prior to testing so students are comfortable with the test platform.

Next Generation Science Standards Resources

For more resources on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), click here.

Help Desk Information

Rhode Island Next Generation Science Assessment Help Desk: 

Telephone:  866-757-9437 

Email: rihelpdesk@air.org

Portal: http://ri.portal.airast.org/

Please contact the help desk for questions regarding any AIR online systems including: the portal, the secure browser, TA Certification Course, the Practice Test, TIDE, the TA Interface, or the Student Interface. You may also call with questions about technology requirements and ordering any of the paper tests.

Please provide the help desk with a detailed description of your problem, as well as the following: 

  • If the issue pertains to a student, provide the SASID and associated district or school for that student. Do not provide the student’s name. 
  • If the issue pertains to a TIDE user, provide the user’s full name and email address.  
  • Any error messages that appeared. 

Site Documents

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