Interim Assessments

The primary purpose of the interim assessments is for instructional planning and monitoring purposes. The interim assessments being developed under the Race to the Top initiative will enable districts, schools, and teachers to use and create locally managed interim assessments – a valuable tool to help teachers pinpoint areas of curriculum for which students need additional or adjusted instruction. 

The Rhode Island interim assessments, which will be delivered primarily online, will provide rapid turnaround of student results, so that instruction can be changed in real time – a benefit not offered by large-scale, statewide assessments.

LEAs and schools should consider the role these assessments could have within their comprehensive assessment system when making decisions about how they will be used and if all students will participate. Two assessment options are available—fixed form assessments offered three times throughout the year and a test construction tool that allows educators to create their own tests to meet their unique assessment needs. While the fixed form assessments assess mathematics and English language arts content, the test construction tool contains items for mathematics, English language arts, science and social studies. Both assessment options are available for grades 3-11. For more information read the Interim Assessment Brief Overview below.

Timeframes for Fixed Form Assessments & Test Construction Tool Items

Fixed Form Assessments Testing Windows:

LEAs and schools can choose to administer assessments during all of the windows, two, or just one, depending on their assessment needs.
  • Fall: September 9th – November 27th
  • Winter: December 9th– February 28th
  • Spring: March 3rd– May 30th

Test Construction Tool:

Timeframe of availability to create tests with new items:
  • Math & ELA: small pool of items available now; Mid-September we will replenish the item pool with approximately 250 items for Math, and 375 items for ELA
  • Social Studies: End-of-September approximately 200 items available across grades 3-11
  • Science: End of September approximately 70 items available across grades 3-11


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In-person training on the Interim Assessment systems took place on Wednesday September 18th at RIDE. The training included:
  • an overview of the technical systems including test management, scanning, and scoring
  • sessions with RIDE content specialists in math, ELA and science to learn what content is covered on the fixed form assessments and which standards are included in the test construction tool
  • scoring professional development for constructed response items
  • report interpretation
Materials from the training are found below:

Test Construction

Guidance for Accessing the Interim Assessment Reports through the IMS

Interim Assessment Scoring Modules

These modules demonstrate how to score constructed response items in ELA and mathematics using example Interim Assessment items and provide opportunities to practice scoring. They can be viewed individually or used for a group training session on best scoring practices. The ELA module is approximately 45 minutes; the math module is about 30 minutes. Please note: If an error message pops up about "unable to access LMS API", please click 'OK' to continue to view the module.  The file may take a moment to load and requires Flash.

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