Office of Transformation & Charter Schools

Providing Intervention, Monitoring, and Support to Schools

The goal of the Office of Transformation and Charter Schools is to improve student outcomes rapidly. We set expectations and develop systems and processes to drive actions that achieve better conditions for success, empower agents of change, and ensure rigorous performance management at the classroom, school, district and state levels. Our work to provide technical assistance and monitor results is grounded in robust data analysis and strong relationships with district leaders.

The Office of Transformation at RIDE seeks to infuse our schools and districts with a productive urgency and a committment to bold school reform.

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Transformation Staff

 Rhode Island's 16 charter schools are public schools authorized by the State of Rhode Island to operate independently from many state and local district rules and regulations. Each charter school is able to establish educational strategies that meet the specific student achievement goals and objectives outlined in individual schools' charters.

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