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'Twas the Last Night of Summer

Posted by: Commissioner Deborah A. Gist on 8/27/2013

'Twas the last night of summer, the sky it was clear,
The children were ready to start the school year.
The book bags were hung by the front door with care,
With notebooks and paper and stories to share. 

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, 
While music and poetry danced in their heads; 
They’d soon see their teachers and friends from last year, 
And meet great new teachers – there’s nothing to fear. 
Soon morning arrived with the bright light of sun 
Children sprang from their beds - ‘cause today will be fun!
Away to the window they flew like a flash, 
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.
Got into their school clothes, slipped on their new shoes, 
While thinking of stories that were sure to amuse.
Another year older; a new grade to learn.
Big sis went before us, and now it’s our turn!
New chapter books, journals, math problems to do, 
Art projects, lab science, and languages, too.
We’ll learn about civics and world history
And gym class and writing and technology. 
We’ll invent and create and discover new things.
We’ll meet every challenge that every day brings. 
We will work with our friends, and we’ll learn things together.
And we’ll play outside – at least in good weather. 
We have awesome teachers; our schools are so blessed.
We’ll make this year special. We’ll all try our best!
We’ll do all our homework and, at night, read aloud.
Our families will join us, we’ll make them so proud!
As Rhode Island steps up for a brand new school year, 
We’re eager, we’re ready, we’ve nothing to fear!
And we heard them exclaim as they dashed to the bus:
This will be a great school year for each one of us!

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Lori Lyons
Love this!! What a creative take on an old favorite! 😊