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Rhode Island students are making progress!

Posted by: Commissioner Deborah A. Gist on 2/19/2014

Last week, we released our complete report on the October 2013 NECAP test administration. I am pleased to share that a number of schools and districts have made significant improvements in both mathematics and reading over the past five years. Among the highlights:

  • Our high-school students fared well compared with their peers in the region and improved their performance overall.
  • Our students in grade 11 improved by 2 percentage points in both math and reading, to 81 percent proficiency in reading, and 36 percent proficiency in math.
  • High-school scores are once again the highest among the NECAP states in reading and have caught up with the other NECAP states in math.
  • Our results also remain strong in writing, with 60 percent of the tested students in elementary and middle school attaining proficiency – highest among the NECAP states.
  • Our high-school students scored 66 percent proficient in writing, also highest among the NECAP states.

The progress our students and teachers have made, especially at the high-school level, is powerful evidence that all students can succeed when we maintain high expectations and when we provide resources and support to advance teaching and learning.

Thank you to the many students, teachers, administrators and families who have worked so hard to get to this point. Though we know there is more to be done as we strive to close achievement gaps and to maintain and expand proficiency levels across the state, Rhode Islanders should be proud of how far we have come over the past five years.

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