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I am very pleased that so many Rhode Islanders have participated in the process of strategic planning and that the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education has selected such a qualified, committed, and diverse group of Rhode Islanders to take on this important work. Our goal is to have in place a strategic plan that is of, by, and for Rhode Islanders.

We have had another great year of teaching and learning in Rhode Island! Working together, we have accomplished a lot this year that will improve classroom instruction and advance achievement for all of our students, that will support our teachers who work so hard every day in their classrooms, and that will provide excellent educational opportunities in communities across our state. 

Our mission as leaders of public education in Rhode Island is to make sure that all Rhode Island students are “ready for success in college, careers, and life,” and there is no doubt that students who participate in high-quality civic education and community engagement will be well prepared for life in our democratic society. 
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