Accelegrants is Rhode Island’s online grant management system for the Federal Consolidated Resource Plan (CRP) grants including Title I, Title II, Title III, and IDEA as well as Race to the Top.

AcceleGrants screenshot

Registered users from LEAs

All recipients of CRP grants have multiple users assigned to roles to input and/or approve data. Registered users can submit grant applications, create budgets, amend approved applications and budgets, and submit requests for reimbursement for approved expenses.

Other interested people

People who are not registered users can search for specific school districts, state schools, and charter schools and see approved grant applications, approved budgets, and reimbursements that have been paid.

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An announcement was sent out in the Commissioner's Weekly Field Memo on Friday, August 23, 2013 regarding the appropriate uses of teacher quality funding.  For a full listing of the Allowable and Unallowable expenditures please click here [PDF].