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Wireless Classroom Initiative

Technology access in our schools is an important investment in our children's future! Investment in our students must include access to technology that will improve instruction and prepare our students for success in a global economy.

For this reason, the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) alongside a host of others in our educational community have worked hard to have included in the Governor's budget two technology infrastructure investments that will provide wireless access to the Internet in every classroom:

  1. the Wireless Classroom Initiative will provide $20 million to expand wireless access to classrooms across the state over the next five years, and;
  2. an amendment to the Rhode Island Telecommunication Education Access Fund which will provide more revenue for bandwidth.

Learn more about these investments in our children's future and show your support for these important two budget items. If you are an educator, administrator, or just interested in preparing the children of our state for a competitive 21st century world, now is the time to learn about these opportunities.

The documents linked below make it clear why these investments are needed, what the money will ultimately buy, and how the funds may be distributed across the state. These documents should be use to not only educate yourselves, your colleagues and your memberships.