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Housing Aid

School districts that complete school housing projects for repair, renovation or new construction may be eligible for state housing aid reimbursement.

Title 16, Chapter 7, Sections 35 to 47 govern school housing aid. This law is designed to guarantee adequate school housing for all public school children and prevent the cost of school housing from interfering with the effective operation of the schools. The law specifies a range of requirements for aid including:

  • the funding sources of the project;
  • the percent paid to each district;
  • eligible reimbursable costs; and
  • the term or period over which the aid is paid.

After an LEA completes the Necessity of School Construction process and receives Board of Education approval, school construction projects are eligible to receive housing aid reimbursement. The minimum state share ratio for Housing Aid set by law is 35%.

The share ratio or housing aid reimbursement rate is based on the district’s ability to pay, with the state share ratio determined annually. As is the case for Operations Aid, the Housing Aid share ratio compares the wealth per student by community to the wealth per student statewide. Housing Aid features incentive bonuses for asbestos abatement, energy conservation, handicapped access and rationalization as well as a debt service adjustment for heavily burdened districts.

Housing Aid Instructions and Forms